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The Estate Goblins
Specializing in living and deceased estates
A comprehensive, unique and sensitive
service for your total estate needs

Why come to us?
In the event of the unforeseen, would you or your family
want your estate to look like this?
A lifetime of belongings, personal treasures, furniture can
mean different things to different people and it is often a task
some relatives and family cannot face, if you could appoint
someone to handle this in a sensitive and caring way wouldn’t
that be easier to know it was all taken care of .
Our service can easily be adapted to fit into a situation in your life,
or your families, friends or relatives.
To find out more - search our website to see how we
might be able to help.

We now purchase house lots from estates
Just another way we can help!
Call us today!


Phone us on 03 9809 0081 or
Mobile: 0408 550 836