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What We Do
Importantly part of our process is to ensure a strict checklist
and inventory is adhered to by all staff and this is submitted on completion of the job together with our account as proof and accountability of our work.

Initial consultation and assessment
Affordable and effective disposal of valuable, non valuable
items, furniture, white goods and perishables
Unclaimed worthy goods such as crockery, linen and clothing
are cleared and taken to Charitable organizations such as
Eastern Refuge, Ken Morgan Kids under Cover, the Lighthouse
Foundation and Les Twentyman - Care for Kids Distribution
Safe return of historical sporting and war memorabilia to the
relevant institution or body
All contents filtered for personal papers and family memorabilia
and returned to the appropriate recipients
Clearing and restoration of the estate as appropriate

We co ordinate all stages of the process through to completion - giving you complete peace of mind regardless of whether a
deceased estate, relocation or abandoned property





Property clearance
Removal of rubbish
Removal of non valuable personal items
Removal of motor vehicles, caravans and boats etc
Removal of personality items
Removal of valuable personal items and cash