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Are YOU on the Move?

The Estate Goblins is well known for its work in providing assistance to families & individuals in need of estate clearance.
More recently we have extended our expertise in this area to assist with a relocation service to members of our community who are unable to manage this on their own.
Naturally, we conduct an initial assessment and inventory of
what might be needed, what needs to be re housed, what needs to be stored, what needs to be disposed of, right down to the sale of your property, we can engage the right people to assist you in getting the right price.
So whether you are on the move as result of downsizing,
ill health, family pressures talk to us first, we may be able
to add valued assistance in your evaluation of your
property and its chattels.


Phone us on 03 9809 0081 or
Mobile: 0408 550 836