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How Did We Begin?

The concept grew from the personal experience I had when my own father passed away and not knowing who to turn to for management of his estate or even how to get started.
So we got started through trial and error and I prepared the property for sale from scratch.
This meant clearing the land and disposing of unwanted goods and chattels, arranging for my fathers wishes to be carried out, including the distribution of his personal belongs to the rest of our family. Our family home was to be sold so restoring and making the house good for sale was essential.
This involved time, liaising with numerous suppliers and was lots of hard work.
As a result we formally commenced operation in 2003 finding as we went that people really needed a service like ours to move the difficulty and burden of these tasks to someone who remained independent from the family, relatives and estate.
The business is privately owned and managed by John & Michele Hurse, John lending his considerable expertise and experience from his years running a business in the domestic and commercial waste industry.
And Michele from her client relationship management skills in the financial sector lends the right degree of empathy to a business which must focus on the sensitive needs of others. Together, this considerable talent has forged a sound and impressive backbone to a business which now has relationships with:

Perpetual Trustee Company Equity Trustee Limited
Trust Company ANZ Trustees Sand Hurst Trustees
Le Pines Funerals Real Estate and Leasing agents
Law firms throughout Melbourne CBD and suburbs
Aged care facilities Private Clients


Importantly, the business has lead the way in securing contracts with some of Australia’s leading trust companies which has not previously been achieved in this field. For example our written long-term contract of three to six years with Perpetual Trustee Company supports our work ethos.