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Why you should
use us?

Take the time to ask yourself these questions?

Would you know to whom or where to turn to arrange
for assistance with a relative’s home or estate?

Would you be able to sort and dispose of a lifetime of contents and personal belongings?

Are you a legal firm with time poor clients, where
having this unique service at your finger tips would provide more control and ease of managing the
estate in a professional and stress free manner?

When a family member dies or is no longer able to take of themselves or their home it often proves to be a very stressful and emotional time, what do you do with the home and more importantly everything in the home?

Have you thought what you could do to avoid this happening in your own situation, to your beneficiaries?

By including a statement of your wishes as part of your estate planning your appointment of The Estate Goblins can easily take care of these tasks for your beneficiaries.


Solicitors Executors Trustees Real Estate Agents
Appointed family members
Relatives with an enduring power of attorney
Individuals or family members without support
Legal personal representatives Administrators
Relatives/family members assisting with a re location